Hook up kitchen faucet sprayer

How to upgrade and install your kitchen faucet

Usually the nozzle can be unscrewed so that you can clean it by running water through it in reverse; otherwise you may be able to clean the holes out with a round wooden toothpick. On some faucets, flexible braided water-supply hoses take the place of rigid tubing, making the installation even easier. Wipe any excess putty or caulk on the sink deck from around the base. Once installed, the sprayer will speed dish washing and vegetable cleaning.

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After loosening the hex-nut that connects the water-supply line to the shut-off valve, gently pull up on the supply line to separate it from the valve. Aevans~ i hope that bookmarking this will help when you decide to replace that sink sprayer hose of yours. Wear rubber gloves to protect your hands. Insert the hex nut end of the hose through the guide on the sink.

Install the hose weight

Try soaking the head of the sprayer (nozzle) in a bowl of warm vinegar to dissolve any calcified minerals that may be causing the blockage. If the water is not diverted to the spray head when you press down the spray lever or button, so that most of it is still coming out of the faucet spout, the first thing you should check is the strainerand-aerator assembly on the end of the faucet spout. In the majority of sinks, this is to the right of the faucet. However, when the lever or valve is pressed to activate the spray, an imbalance of pressure is created inside the diverter assembly (more pressure on one side of the piston than on the other) and this causes the piston to move down and close the opening leading to the faucet spout.

Tighten the compression fitting

A great many kitchen sinks are equipped with faucets that have separate spray attachments connected to the base of the faucet under the sink. The simplest way to check for this is to take the aerator completely off (it unscrews easily). If your faucet has a separate sprayer, install the sprayer first. Push the nut assembly up to the underside of the counter. Now shut the water off and remove the spout again, then drop the new diverter valve into place (with the stem pointing up) and replace the swing spout in it original position. If the lines are too long, wind them into a loop at least 8 inches in diameter, being careful not to create a kink in the lines.

Connect the water supply lines

Screw universal coupling to one end of the new pipe, and on the other end, screw the u-joint. Explore innovative solutions and advanced technologies for your home. The sprayer was attached to the faucet body with a hose directly below the mixing valve.

Before going to the trouble of replacing the sprayer hose

Disconnect the supply lines

However, repairs are usually quite simple to make once you understand how this device works. Hand-tighten the mounting nut onto the assembly first, then use an adjustable wrench to make sure it is snug. To the underside of the sprayer base. Pull the sprayer out of its seat and turn the head counterclockwise to remove both the sprayer head and gasket.

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