Healing after dating a narcissist

Recognising your unhealed parts

From what i have seen, one of the common threads between male and female narcissists seems to be rage and abuse. Wanted to hide from the truth that attempted to keep me up at night. The time not to self-medicate with male company but to self-partner and heal them herself instead.

The two vital questions you must ask yourself

To take the time and effort to fulfill my own needs. You have communicated this needed information very well. Finally at forty years old i found a highly trained psychiatrist who spent years wiping my hard drive clean of my mothers influence and then reprogramming me.

What is your relationship with life?

Surely therapy would be the answer, but i’m afraid of getting called stupid or paranoid and that’s one of the reasons why i feel so trapped. My only purpose for writing this is to urge both men, and women who are unfortunately, involved with these pathological narcissistic individuals to literally flee for your lives.

Questioning yourself

Narcissism is not curable. I showed an example of recognising my unhealed parts that allowed my abuse to take place. Any words of wisdom?

The call of curiosity

That means blocking their number, making sure any emails from their address go into your spam folder, and deleting them off social media. Truly you have to experience it to understand how automatic this becomes. 35 responses to why you should never jump into a new relationship after. Or, the other person who is not right.

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As soon as we start judging ourself in relation to how bad our life has ended up, the emotional pain becomes unbearable. Since they are sometimes schitzo at the same time, they are often unaware of their dark side which can kill their own fans and lovers and feel fully justified, and in this case i think he is unconscious of what took place and has his self work cut out for him. Made me think i had a soul mate by figuring out what i wanted to hear from her. Princesses/queens, modern delusions are so very tiring.

Questioning yourself

I walked away, i get good and bad my days, i want to go back but cannot, thank you for the net and experiences go through. I am struggling keeping away, we have no physical life at all, and we dont even live together but still he affects me and its making me really sick. I realised i’d put him first.

What does being ready for dating look like?

If i do what people want they will love me. Hi i am currently trying to get away from a painful relationship and i am seeing a psycologist to help. 25 years later and discarded and asset stripped, i found a description of narcissism/control/psychopathy. He would make me cry then mock me. When we know ourselves we have the ability to see others in ways we have not seen them in the past. Not worrying about the future and finally getting a sense of worth and regaining my self respect.