Dating a salsa dancer

What is it like to date someone from dance?

While it’s definitely true that many girls love to dance some definitely don’t, myself included. I know where you’re coming from, i’ve been there.

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In salsa on 1, turns have become an important feature and also emphasizes theatricality and acrobatics. Just to make a point here: i said “dance classes” not just “dancing”. I’m not saying “leave room for jesus”, but be respectful. If that’s the case than no more than an hour.

Speed date & dance!

There might be an issue of the brave and the bold comic based on the cartoon that features aquaman. It was a colleague who suggested he try dancing. Does it get any better than that? :).

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These activities for me are very similar to the high women get dancing. The music is fast paced, but often easy for dancers to accomplish.

Have you ever stopped dancing after breaking up with someone from dance?

1) they were forced to take classes as a child and acquired a hatred for it as a result. A few years back we did a secret santa where we found crappy back issues for each other that had some sort of inside joke about them. In fact, my husband and my first date was mini-golf followed with a beer.


Dating at dance, just like anywhere, isn’t easy. You might also find yourself being tempted by someone else more appealing that you meet on the floor. A girl who dances salsa is not afraid to make mistakes because she takes every wrong turn as a learning curve.

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Com is a collaboration of writers from around the globe who are passionate about social dance. So like we said earlier, the community is small.

Have you ever broken up with someone from dance?

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It’s easier to date someone who just “gets it”. This past year, a member of cpsalsa.

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