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In addition to an efficient customer diligence process, such an event serves as the precursor to a customer advisory board. We want quick responses and thoughtful responses. Exhibit surveys published interesting data that showed, when combined with an average booth size of 312 per show, that the average amount of time per trade show attendee per exhibit is just under 2 minutes.

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The moderator must come across as a great date. This is a great opportunity for the biggest advocates of the product to get to know each other and, if the timing is right, for the entrepreneur to ask some or all of them to advise the company in a more formal fashion. Select other participants you want to get in contact with. We invite you to join our site visit to the softwarepark hagenberg.

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I recently met with a team that was selling an impressive product to life sciences and pharma companies. The visits will take place one day before the summit.

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We have been very impressed by the quality of work provided. I was able to easily contrast the responses across customers and ask followup questions. In quantitative research it is a bit more difficult. Fostering the economic transformation of the eac partner states through equitable access to sustainable energy for all.

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Intermat, which takes place 20-25 april, is the biggest construction equipment show of the year with 1,350 exhibitors and 200,000 international visitors attending the last event in 2012. And it was a competitive early stage financing with lots of vcs interested.

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People meet and exchange ideas at high speed. The timeliness of all the work they have done has been excellent.

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We want people to give us an initial reaction and we also want to hear their rationalization for it. A very positive experience. You weigh them up.

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So what has this got to do with market research you will be asking? well, we market researchers seldom have more than a few minutes with our respondents. Registration closed since 4 apr organisers.

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