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Jommy, 4th october

He is awesome!!! that’s all i gotta say. I met a wonderful opera singer i would never have come across in my everyday life as a full time working single mum. I am very happy and grateful to soulmates for helping me find such a wonderful woman.

Hiphop, 9th june 2016

Against the odds he succeeded (maintaining to this day he did not, in fact, steal it), and to repay his kindness when he brought it round i roped him into helping me build a wardrobe. Trademarked compatability matching system uses a scientifically-adapted questionnaire to try to find a unique match for your personality. Thank you soulmates for giving me the opportunity to meet the most wonderful woman. She is a wonderful person. If you don’t think a service has been provided with ‘reasonable care and skill’, it’s broken the terms of the contract, or you’ve been mis-sold (eg, you were told something would happen and it didn’t) you’ve a right to complain.

Ubl4087, 31st july

As ever, watch out if you aren’t on wi-fi, as it’ll eat into your data allowance. Because we are getting married this october.

Chris, 13th july 2013

You could always compose a standard introduction, and adapt parts to make it specific to each person, eg, “i love the fact that you’re into hang-gliding”. Dating a really great guy from your site. Worked great with the very first and only person i dated. We are now married and we have moved to france together. We exchanged funny, sarcastic and flirty emails for a week before meeting up for our first date on a cold december afternoon on the southbank. I found my match on this site, a wonderful woman who will truly be my soul mate.

Japanfan, 29th september

Hunt for more ideas. Disclaimer: all models on this website are 18 years or older.

Forreal, 5th september 2016

This won’t guarantee a hassle-free experience. We have different interests but work round these. We want to say ‘thank you’ and to let you know how your site is contributing to world happiness!

Frenchfan, 27th december

We have now been together for almost two years, we are living together and we are extremely happy together. Similarly, only go with a site you’re happy with, and check its feedback online – it may be better to go with a bigger established site you’ve heard of than an unknown name. It took a further two emails being ignored for him to get the drift!

Nick - 31st december 2011

Almost a year to the day since we first met. Plus, it’s free to download the app. If it was me paying and using a voucher, i’d take the bill over to the till or bar and pay there, rather than doing it at the table. I was amazed, it’s great fun and it works! in one month i went on 5 dates (one with a bloke off the telly!) and on date number 5 i met the love of my life, jon.

Peter – 9th july 2012

Gs was the only dating website that i had ever used and within 24 hours he had sent me a message – we met 2 days later and haven’t looked back. I feel my life is full of love and is a life that’s full indeed. No complicated psychometric questionnaires here. It has now been a over a year, we are very happy and hoping to move in together very soon.

Millamar, 27th august

Lcsmith, 2nd august

Think you may have lived up to your name. We are very happy and i can’t wait to be his wife. After being subscribed for one month i met my soulmate.

Jared - 7th july 2011